17th May 2017

Act 5 Scene 3

Paris goes to the Capulet tomb to lay flowers in Juliet’s memory. His page tells him that someone is coming so they hide. Romeo and Balthasar arrive and break into the tomb so that Romeo can see Juliet one last time. Balthasar hides outside the capulet tomb. Paris thinks that Romeo has come to destroy the bodies in the tomb, confronts Romeo. Romeo warns Paris to go away, but Paris doesn’t so him and Romeo and fights until Paris dies. Just before he dies, he begs Romeo to put him in the tomb next to Juliet. Romeo lets him have that one wish. Paris’s page see’s the fight, goes to call the night watchman.romeo kisses Juliet, drinks the poison, and dies at her side.not even a minute later  Friar Lawrence arrives and discovers the dead bodies of Romeo and Paris. Juliet then wakes up and looks for Romeo, saying, “Where is my Romeo?” when she see’s the body of Romeo and Paris, she refuses to leave the tomb.friar Lawrence tries to convince Juliet to leave as the night watchman approaches, but Juliet refuses. Friar Lawrence flees and Juliet is alone. She tries to drink poison from Romeo’s vial. Finding it empty, she tries to kiss some poison from his lips. Hearing the night watchman coming, Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger.

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