Paris goes to the Capulet tomb to lay flowers in Juliet’s memory. His page tells him that someone is coming so they hide. Romeo and Balthasar arrive and break into the tomb so that Romeo can see Juliet one last time. Balthasar hides outside the capulet tomb. Paris thinks that Romeo has come to destroy the bodies in […]

Romeo dreams  that Juliet found him dead but brang him back to life with a kiss.Balthasar then goes  to Romeo to tell him that Juliet has died. Romeo  plans to return to Verona to kill himself. He bribes a  apothecary a large amount of money to sell him poison illegally. The poison will let Romeo kill himself […]

  Characters:Capulet,Lady capulet,Nurse It is 3 am and capulet is still awake preparing for Juliet and Paris the day breaks capulet hears music symbolising parts approach.Capulet orders the nurse to go wake up Juliet.      

characters:Juliet,friar Lawrence,nurse,lady capulet,capulet In this scene, Juliet is found dead in her bed and both of her parents are very sad.Friar Lawrence comes in to get Juliet for the ‘wedding’ and grabs the little glass that the potion was in. instead of the wedding, they change it to a funeral.

Characters: capulet, nurse, serving men two and three, lady capulet and Juliet   Capulet is wondering where Juliet.then she arrives home and tells capulet she was talking to friar Lawrence who said “By holy Lawrence to fall prostrate here To beg your pardon”.capultet accepts Juliet apology and demands that Paris is told. that knight Juliet is told […]

Friar’s plan is to give Juliet a liquid that would make her look dead, her pulse and breathing would be undetectable for 42 hours. Friar Lawrence would send Romeo a letter to tell him the plan .then in the morning when Paris would come in he would find her ‘dead’.then she would get taking to the […]

characters:Juliet,nurse,capulet,lady capulet lady capulet tells Juliet that she is to marry Paris on Thursday this week but just says no and nothing lady capulet says will change her mind.lady capulet tells capulet that nothing worked so capulet tries but nothing again so he decides that if she will not marry Paris she is banished and for all […]