Diegetic the opera singer the dialogue between the captain and villians the knocking at the door the banging of stuff breaking     Non-Diegetic rumbling at start gun shooting alien sound/talking the music in the backround   camera angles over the shoulder mid shot low angle long shot close up level angle zoom level angle […]

  Year 2057, The year we all got round up in the vault when the world entered a tragic nuclear war. Now 89 years later only the bravest have dared to adventure outside into the harsh world that lays beyond the big vault door. Now my turn I decided I don’t want to die no one […]

I wake up to blinding lights and people in white suits. I look around to see big needles through out my body which lead up to big machine’s, the last thing I remember was our bomber hitting the ground.  a guy in a black suit walked in and says “Josh your at a special government facility, you were in […]

regret I didn’t mean to damage him but my feelings just took the best of me. It has destroyed his life, What have I done.I was just so angry and saw him and just put my foot to the floor he will need a wheelie chair as transport now.waves of regret fizz up my spine as I […]

Through the thick smog, I can see the rusting gate to a coroding kingdom. Within the gates of the cold kingdom, I can imagine prisoners screams echoing through the cold walls of the dungeon. Behind the rusty bars, would have been prisoners dying a slow and horrible death. Beyond the dark halls was a big staircase up to the towers that […]

Paris goes to the Capulet tomb to lay flowers in Juliet’s memory. His page tells him that someone is coming so they hide. Romeo and Balthasar arrive and break into the tomb so that Romeo can see Juliet one last time. Balthasar hides outside the capulet tomb. Paris thinks that Romeo has come to destroy the bodies in […]

Romeo dreams  that Juliet found him dead but brang him back to life with a kiss.Balthasar then goes  to Romeo to tell him that Juliet has died. Romeo  plans to return to Verona to kill himself. He bribes a  apothecary a large amount of money to sell him poison illegally. The poison will let Romeo kill himself […]

  Characters:Capulet,Lady capulet,Nurse It is 3 am and capulet is still awake preparing for Juliet and Paris wedding.as the day breaks capulet hears music symbolising parts approach.Capulet orders the nurse to go wake up Juliet.      

characters:Juliet,friar Lawrence,nurse,lady capulet,capulet In this scene, Juliet is found dead in her bed and both of her parents are very sad.Friar Lawrence comes in to get Juliet for the ‘wedding’ and grabs the little glass that the potion was in. instead of the wedding, they change it to a funeral.